Joe Bonamassa Tour 2017

If you are a fan of guitar you are not going to want to miss this guitarists live concert. The Joe Bonamassa tour 2017 is going to be bringing some world-class guitar playing to a city near you soon. Once he comes back from his winter break he is going to resume playing on February 13, 2017 in Fort Myers Florida at the Barbara B Mann Performing Arts Hall. After that you can see him in cities like Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Des Moines Iowa, Chicago Illinois, Minneapolis Minnesota, and his currently scheduled final show is going to be on May 20 2017 in Munchen Germany. That’s right, he is even going to be playing some European shows.

He is primarily a blues rock guitarist, but he also writes songs and sings. He is a guitar and musical prodigy, and was already highly skilled by the time he was 12 years of age. In fact at that same time he was already performing as an opener for BB King. He is a prolific releasor of music. In just the past 13 years he has created and put out 15 albums through his own record label. A lot of these albums do extremely well on the Billboard blues charts as well. Out of those 15 records he’s put out, 11 of them managed to go to number one on the charts.

He doesn’t always go out on the road solo, he has in fact performed with a lot of well-known artists. He has taken the stage with the likes of Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, Derek Trucks along with many other famous artists. He even managed to secure a Grammy nomination back in 2013. In addition to his high profile blues music career, he is also in charge of a nonprofit called keeping the blues alive foundation. This foundation makes it possible for children in need to get the musical education that’s necessary to become a skilled musician in adulthood.

Some of those records that he has recently put out are CDs like a new day yesterday, blues deluxe, had to cry today, the ballad of John Henry, Blackrock, dustbowl, driving towards the daylight, different shades of blue, and his newest release from 2016 blues of desperation. You might think that this guitar player on the upcoming Joe Bonamassa tour 2017 has all American influences sense that the country he’s from, but surprisingly it is Irish and British blues guitar players that influenced young Joe when he was starting out in music. Songs like goodbye by cream, and Irish guitar player Rory Gallagher had a large influence on Joe. Stevie Ray Vaughn was another guitar player that had a big impact on him during his formative years.

He also appreciated the sophistication that players like Jimmy page and Jeff Beck brought to the blues genre of guitar playing. As far as modern blues guitar goes you’re going to have a hard time finding a better player than this guy right here. If you want to see some incredible blues guitar playing and go ahead and check out the list of scheduled dates right at the top of this page and purchase your Joe Bonamassa tickets 2017 today. He’s got quite a lot of shows coming up in both North America and Europe, so pretty much no matter where you are you’ll have a chance to see this guitar prodigy perform live in concert right before your very eyes.